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Stick Sand Bones is a Los Angeles based fine jewelry brand, focused on creating one of a kind pieces that evoke an intimate bond between owner and nature. The idea of using prehistoric fossils combined with precious gems and metals emerged naturally from the personal interests and past experiences of founder and designer Erika Wunch. Her fascination with sharks began in her early childhood and has since driven her to dive with them in very remote areas all over the world. This love of the sea and animals, combined with her passion for art and design naturally evolved into a desire to create jewelry that would make a social and environmental statement, inspiring others to make a connection with the creatures from which these fossils originated. 

Erika has personally found many of the fossils she uses to create these unique pieces. Other fossils have been sourced from independent divers and collectors around the world. An Authenticity Certificate accompanies every unique piece of jewelry, including the type and species of fossil, the location in which it was found, and the approximate age, which ranges from 2 - 500 million years. Stick Sand Bones is committed to environmental responsibility and proudly contributes to Shark Allies, a non-profit organization, in their efforts towards shark conservation. For more information, please visit:

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